An Economic Step Forward – Wisconsin

Bordered by Lake Superior to the north and Lake Michigan to the east, Wisconsin claims unrivaled natural beauty in its sandy beaches, wetlands and rocky shorelines. Besides scenic, these busy waterways, bring more than $7 Billion in cargo annually.

Wisconsin’s agriculture industry is a cornerstone of its economy, particularly dairy farming. The state is the US top producer of cheese. Other significant agricultural products include corn, soybeans, cranberries, and potatoes.

Manufacturing plays a vital role in Wisconsin’s economy, with industries ranging from machinery and paper products to food processing, beer brewing and medical devices. Major companies such as Harley-Davidson, Johnson Controls, and Kimberly-Clark provide significant opportunities and stable incomes to their markets.

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Michigan to Door County, then Green Bay and as far west as Eau Claire.

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Impact The Wisconsin Market.

1.Fast Facts of Wisconsin

  • Link Wisconsin serves a population of over 5,892,539 in 29 counties
  • Mean household income of $70,996 and a median age of 40.4
  • Largest Employers Include – University of Wi/Madison, Menards, Koch Industries, Kohls, ACS, Rockwell.
  • Education: 93.5% High School+  33.2% Bachelor Degree+

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