West Virginia.


West Virginia is booming, ranking behind only Texas and North Dakota as fastest growing states in the US. Its economy is a global hub of chemicals, biotech, telecommunications, aerospace and energy. For the outdoor adventurers, the Mountain State is totally in the Appalachians with 80% of the state covered in forests. This natural beauty drives the growing tourism industry. Having transformed from its history in coal production, West Virginia has a GDP of over $55Billion.

Outdoor advertising got its start in West Virginia, when the Bloch Brothers Tobacco Company started painting barns and bridges with their ads. Link Media Outdoor relies on traditional statics, new digitals and posters on interstates and major state routes. Search the interactive map, below.

Impact The West Virginia Market.

1.Fast Facts of West Virginia

  • Link Media Outdoor serves 1.2 Million across 24 counties
  • Mean household income of $61,200 and a median age of 42
  • Largest Employers Include – WVA United Health, Brand Energy, MedExpress, ESMARK, DFS Newell

2.Billboards Work

Whether focused on a city or throughout the region Link billboards are located on the heaviest traveled interstate highways, State roads and commuting routes. Link has a Very Strong presence in major thoroughfares that service local traffic, as well as traffic from five heavily populated bordering States. Frequency or repetition is developed easily, as many West Virginia vehicles travel the same route daily. Link advertising is smart because the reach is delivered for a very affordable cost per thousand. Points to Ponder:

– Average miles traveled daily is 25.5 miles

– Link has coverage in 4 major interstates (I-77, I-79, I-64 and I-81) traversing densely populated
areas of the state.

– Your Ad will be seen by as much as 100,000 — 300,000 viewers per week

3.Why Billboards Make Sense

  • Ads are there 24/7, not tuned into or clicked on
  • Billboards are specific as directional and brand building for multiple locations
  • Billboards are #1 media to drive digital searches, enhancing any social media

Billboards in West Virginia.

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