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The Link Kansas City office impacts 125 counties which include the metro, most of Missouri and Kansas. The robust market draws attention for its title winning professional sports, IT developers and vast agricultural base.

Our media mix includes traditional statics faces as well as a wide array of digitals. These include a variety of sizes which help cater to different advertiser needs and budget. Whether you are searching for a specific city or county to county coverage, Link has options that deliver your target within budgets that work. Search the interactive map, below.

Impact The Kansas Market.

1.Fast Facts on Kansas City, Mo

  • 6.8 million in Missouri and Kansas covered by Link KC
  • Kansas City MSA Population 2.2 million and 38th largest city
  • Median age is 35 with a mean household income of $72,418
  • Sprint, Seaboard, Cerner, H&R Block, Garmin, Hallmark all call KC home
  • Manufacturing, IT, engineering, and healthcare are economic drivers
  • Growth rate is 10% since 2010

2.Billboards Work in Kansas City!

Our Kansas City population Is just under 2,000,000 people. There is NO mass transit in the KC metro, so everyone commutes via cars. This makes for a great billboard market and an extremely attractive cost per thousand. Billboards are spread out throughout our KC metro and outlining areas, so you can reach your consumer anywhere on billboards in the area.

If you are looking for customers … billboards are the way to go in the Kansas City!

3.Why Billboards Make Sense

  • Ads are there 24/7, not tuned into or clicked on
  • Billboards are #1 media to drive digital searches
  • Seen:  62% of Adults notice Digital Billboards, monthly
  • Responsive: 57% visited the store after seeing the Digital Billboard ad

Billboards in Kansas.

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