Springfield / Decatur, Il Market

Thirteen central counties of “The Land of Lincoln” are served by the Springfield office. The Springfield market is part of the Champaign, Decatur & Springfield DMA. Sub-markets of this DMA also include – Jacksonville, Lincoln, Charleston & Jerseyville. There is a buzz of excitement surrounding State Capitols and Springfield has it. A steady base of public and private employers keeps the economy rolling and acts as an ongoing draw for newcomers. 28,000 employees are in government and 16,000 are in large private firms.

Decatur, also known as the “Soybean capital of the world” includes prominent agricultural processing and manufacturing sectors. The service-based industries are expanding and have become a more significant factor for the local economy.

Advertising to this population with higher than average income and education is a specialty available with Link Media’s traditional static and poster billboards. Search the interactive map, below..

Impact The Springfield Market.

1.Fast Facts of The Springfield market

  • Population served: 1.6 million across 13 counties Springfield population of 113,000 and Decatur population of 76,122
  • Mean household income of $75,852 and a median age of 39 for Springfield and $50,839 and a median age of 40 in Decatur
  • Largest Private Employers – Springfield- Memorial Health System, Hospital Sisters Health System, Springfield Clinic, Horace Mann Educators, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Bunn, Wells Fargo.
  • Decatur: Archer Daniels Midland-ADM, Tate and Lyle, Mueller, Caterpiller, Decatur Memorial Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital.

2.Billboards Work

  • Whether focused on a city or throughout the region, Link billboards are located on the heaviest traveled city streets, state roads and commuting routes.
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  • Frequency or repetition is developed easily, as many vehicles travel the same route daily.
  • Link advertising is smart because the reach is delivered for a very affordable cost per thousand.

3.Why Billboards Make Sense

  • Ads are there 24/7, not tuned into or clicked on
  • Billboards are specific as directional and brand building for multiple locations
  • Billboards are #1 media to drive digital searches, enhancing any social media

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